Portland Art Museum Gilkey Center

Antiphonal Leaf

Antiphonale. Lamentationes / Threni 4, 10-12 Saec. XV. One folio, trimmed, 445 x 325 mm. Music of one column, six lines, brownish ink neumes on five red line staves. Gift of Hazel Plympton for Lloyd J. Reynolds Memorial collection of Calligraphy.

Bible Leaf, English

Vetus Testamentum. Isaiah 56,  5- 61, 10. Saec. XIII in. England. One folio, trimmed on spine edge, 277 x 200 (195 x 125/113) mm., two columns, 60 lines. Chapter numbers in red and blue in margins. Foliated in lead: 166. Pages headed: Is[aiae] and L[iber]. Few marginal notes. Gift of Vivian and Gordon Gilkey.

Bible Leaf, French

Vetus Testamentum. I Sam. / I Reg. 1, 1-28 cum prologo s. Hieronymi. Saec. XIII in. France. One leaf 405 x 265 (290 x 185) mm., written in two columns of 50 lines. On the verso a miniature of two crowned figures before city gates (70 x 70 mm.) in initial P[rimus]. Ascender with winged beast at center on verso divides the two columns.

Bible, English

Vetus Testamentum. I Sam. / I Reg.1, 1-18 cum prologo s. Hieronymi et commentario. Saec. XIII in. England.  One leaf  280 x 200 (190 x 110) mm., two columns, 60 lines. Headed  L[iber] and Reg[um]. After the quotation from Hebrews 11, 3 there are twenty empty lines. Initial F gold on red ground, long ascender divides columns.

Book of Hours Leaf, English

Breviarium. Dominica in Sexagesima. Saec. XIV med. England.One folio, 175 x 125 (117 x 75)., two columns of 30 lines. Eight red and blue initials on gold grounds with gold leaves at coners. Initials slightly larger than two lines in height.  Owner marks 80.122.557 and G2727 at bottom of verso. Gift of Vivian and Gordon Gilkey.

Book of Hours Leaf, French

This small single sheet from a French Book of Hours is dated approximately to 1400 CE. This piece is on a very small scale, being about 3.5 inches tall by 2 inches wide. It appears to have been cut on the right side of the page, as the left margin in twice as wide as the right; also, the left side of the page has a smooth, defined edge and the right does not. The page contains a single column of text, and the majority of the ink is either a faded black or a brown, on close examination.

Book of Hours Leaf, French

Officium in Circumcisione Domini ? (Jan. 1). Trimmed on spine edge. One column, 20 lines. Border block design 104 x 23 mm., has a gold ground with flowers and scroll leaves. Nineteen gold initials one-line high, three two-lines high are gold on red and blue grounds.

Book of the Prophets Leaf, French

Vetus Testamentum. Habacuc 1, 15- 2, 7 cum commentario(unidentified). Saec. XII ex. France. One folio, trimmed,  350/325 x 245 mm., three columns. (28 x 45 x 44 mm.), 24 lines. Prickings visible. Occasionally the text extends across two or three columns as does the commentary. Leaf headed Abbacus and  Propheta. Gift of Vivian and Gordon Gilkey.