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Book of Hours Leaf, French

This small single sheet from a French Book of Hours is dated approximately to 1400 CE. This piece is on a very small scale, being about 3.5 inches tall by 2 inches wide. It appears to have been cut on the right side of the page, as the left margin in twice as wide as the right; also, the left side of the page has a smooth, defined edge and the right does not. The page contains a single column of text, and the majority of the ink is either a faded black or a brown, on close examination.

Book of Hours Leaf, French

Officium in Circumcisione Domini ? (Jan. 1). Trimmed on spine edge. One column, 20 lines. Border block design 104 x 23 mm., has a gold ground with flowers and scroll leaves. Nineteen gold initials one-line high, three two-lines high are gold on red and blue grounds.

Transcription of text: